“I don’t think fashion is a flip as lots of people make it out to be, it’s a very serious matter. It reflects whats going on in the world, the economy, sociology and the psychology of a certain period. The way you dress shows who you are and want you want to be.” Iris Apfel, says in an interview in ELLE UK Dec issue. I could not agree more! What a lady! 90 years old and still going strong, as she also says “I’m still here. Theres no sense sitting on the sidelines if I don’t have to.” Her love of fashion and innovative styling has inspired the fashion world for decades. A true icon. Check out her Limited Edition collections with and read the whole interview by Rebecca Lowthorpe in ELLE UK Dec issue.
Hope I will live that long and still have my love for fashion. x

Photos 1: Bill Cunningham 2&3: random google search



One Response to TRUE ICON

  1. I really think women like her are the fashion icon one should look up to. Iris is strong and inspires the fashion world without the possibility of playing on sex, body and age.
    A truly wonderful lady how keeps my spirits up! :)

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